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a semi literate to literate plus canine roleplay
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 New Member Guide

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PostSubject: New Member Guide   Sat Oct 01, 2016 4:15 pm

who are we?
 For now, Kingdom of the Morgan is a free roaming group, no hierarchy set in place after the fall out of the previous leader.

As for the backstory, the pack was flourishing with liveliness and activity, being led by an amazing leader and their significant other.

Truly, it was something you might’ve seen in a fairy tale. All was beautiful, and calm - being the home to many happy members. All giggly living in the ethereal landscape of their home, they all found themselves free of worries while they were under the leading of their two superiors.

The superiors were astounded at how fast their pack grew, even with the litter of pups they had. They all grew into one happy family, still staying strong throughout all of the droughts and cool winter nights - even through all of the rogue attacks and misfortunes that occurred inside and outside of the pack.

The superiors lead on until their passing - in which the aide’s did not take part in continuing to lead the pack. Leaving the underlings in a state of shock when the aides didn’t step up to the plate and continue the pack’s legacy.

Until then, the pack has been long gone, waiting for someone to pick up the legacy and make it new again.

how to get started
We've created a simple set of guidelines to help you get started with us.
  1. Read the rules. Much of the rules pages are really just guidelines to help you play along, rather than hard set in stone rules. The majority of rules we have are bendable if it allows players to have more fun.
  2. Look through the information board. The pages found within give an overall description of the role play and will help you get an idea of where the game takes place. This includes the pack ranks, relationships between characters, a map of the territory, and the medicines and poisons that can be found within it.
  3. Register an account on the forums. Remember that your username should be the name of your character.
  4. Once you've registered, create a biography in the biography page. It really doesn't matter how it looks. If it's plain or decorated in HTML, we don't really mind. In all honestly, we would simply appreciate a quick run down of your character.
  5. All characters will start out as a Drifter, also known as a loner, and what they do from there is up to you. You can have them try to group others together to form a pack, or you can have them try to scrape by independently. It's all up to you!

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New Member Guide
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